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How the People’s Republic of China Rivals the United States of America as a Global Superpower

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By Donn Matthew Garby

During the 20th century, the world saw the United States of America emerge as a global superpower, defining and leading the way with economic superiority as well as political influence that quickly spread across the lands. The United States once again showed the world that they were there to not only stay, but lead among nations. Since the Cold War, and the fall of the Soviet Union, no other nation, or union, has rivaled the United States in global superiority until now.

As the first decade of the 21st century has long been over we now see a potential superpower that may rival the United States in the upcoming decades. The People’s Republic of China has a growing economy, a military that is the largest in the world, and a growing influence on surrounding countries. Experts believe that the 21st century might be China’s era much like the 20th was the United States.

In this paper I will explore the idea that the People’s Republic of China does, or will soon do, rival the United States of America as a global superpower and in terms of economics, military power, and political influence. I will use information gathered by scholars from the past few decades and see where China might be heading, whether it continues its uprising or crumble as the ways of the world change.

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Donn Matthew Garby, 19, is a freshman at Flagler College where he is majoring in History and Political Science with minors in Advertising, Archaeology, International Studies, Marketing, and Public History. He is focusing on American history and the American political system. After college he plans on going to graduate school for a master’s in Political Science, then go to work with the Peace Corps and eventually move to Washington D.C to work in politics.

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